Independent and professional consulting in the future issues of "Renewable Energy", "Energy Efficiency" and "New Energy Products"



We provide manufacturer-independent project development services in the renewable energies sector (biogas, biomethane, wind, PV) to guarantee the long-term supply of sustainable electric, thermal, and fuel energy.
Project development
The combination of technological, biological and economical aspects means that the operation of biogas and biomethane plants is a highly complex effort. In some cases, minor structural modifications can help to cut business expenses and operating costs to a significant degree so that the biogas and biomethane produced can be marketed at attractive conditions.
Technical Consulting
A feasibility study will precede the conceptual design of any renewable energies project. Amongst other things, this has to integrate possible regional peculiarities into the draft technical and economic design of the respective project.
Feasibility studies
Use our market and competition analyses (e.g. specified the biomethane market) as a basis for your upcoming strategic business decision whether it's about a possible market entry strategy, investment decisions, or implementation of a marketing and sales concept.
Market and competition analyses
Specialising in renewable energies, we deliver bespoke distribution and marketing solutions to help you get through to your target group in the best possible way.
Marketing strategies
We advise you on the optimal distribution of your renewable energy carrier and highlight strategies to get through to the customer.
Distribution concepts
The combined heat and power (CHP) cycle harnessed by combined heat and power plants has the potential to play a critical role in the supply of sustainable energy.
CHP consulting and efficiency


ARCANUM Energy is an owner-operated, independent group of companies - consisting of two companies. As a service provider, advisor and partner catering in particular to power utility companies, farmers, and communes, we deliver tailor-made strategies and business models in the fields of renewable energies, energy efficiency as well as agriculture with focus on energy, gas and carbon reduction. In the biomethane segment, ARCANUM Energy is Germany’s leading expert in project development, operation, trading, handling, and consulting