Market and competition analyses

Use our market and competition analyses (e.g. specified the biomethane market) as a basis for your upcoming strategic business decision ? whether it's about a possible market entry strategy, investment decisions, or implementation of a marketing and sales concept. Our professional market and competition analysis gives you a quick and compact overview of the market in question.


Your benefits

  • Analyses are performed in step with the practice
  • Professional assessment and recommendations for action
  • Ideal to base your decisions
  • Presentation and evaluation of the key market parameters
  • Long-time analytical and consulting experience

Our services

  • We define the market to be analysed (e.g. biomethane)
  • We conduct market and competition analyses with particular emphasis on:

    • Protagonists and competitors in the market
    • Benchmarking for different technologies
    • Production and sales development

  • We perform economic efficiency calculations
  • Price and volume development  
  • We elaborate on full studies conducted in selected markets





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