Technical consulting & benchmarking with emphasis on biomethane and biogas

The combination of technological, biological and economical aspects means that the operation of biogas and biomethane plants is a highly complex effort. In some cases, minor structural modifications can help to cut business expenses and operating costs to a significant degree so that the biogas and biomethane produced can be marketed at attractive conditions. Operating six biogas and biogas upgrading plants ourselves, we know what indicators to take into account and analyse and what steps to take based on this. We will be glad to examine your plant and, working together with you, draw up a proper optimisation concept.


Your benefits

  • Individual evaluation of your business and its potential for optimisation
  • Planning and development of optimisation concepts
  • Providing assistance with implementing the optimisation measures
  • Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of existing plants

Our services

  • We perform a professional assessment of your plant and indicators
  • We identify and recommend optimisation measures
  • We provide assistance with the implementation of these measures
  • Benchmarking objects are specifically selected based on a detailed analysis of your operational parameters
  • We create customised indicator systems and check them against best-practice strategic and operative indicator systems
  • We identify existing capacity gaps


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