Biogas Pool for Public Utilities

Investments from regional energy suppliers in sustainable power and heat production are the backbone of Germany's energy revolution. As a consulting and project planning agency we have also contributed to it by realising biogas and biomethane projects. By bundling multiple public utilities in our "Biogas Pool for Public Utilities" project companies, we have already planned, projected and implemented six biogas upgrading plants under the name "Biogas Pool for Public Utilities". The biomethane generated here is used by the participating public utilities as a shareholder in order, for instance, to operate their own cogeneration units in a climate-friendly manner.


Your benefits

  • Comprehensive planning and implementation of biomethane projects with emphasis on Biogas upgrading
  • Project management and coordination and merging the various parties and interests involved
  • Bundling and providing many years of expertise in the
  • Energy sector, project management and process engineering


Our services

  • Joint investment in renewable energies
  • Safe, long-term and demand-oriented supply of biomethane at standard market conditions
  • Developing value creation from generation to application of biomethane
  • Total project planning by one source, from location identification to facility start-up








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