The high-visibility EnergyScouts project has been created to provide energy efficiency training to industry apprentices and help exploit existing energy saving potentials. These results can then be funnelled into concrete measures to form the groundwork for an energy audit or energy efficiency network.


Your benefits

  • High-visibility support of the project
  • Raising the awareness of local or regional companies for the topic of energy efficiency
  • Ideal customer retention tool
  • Spadework for subsequent energy audits and/or setting up of energy efficiency networks
  • Options: Competition with award ceremony
  • Supervision of the efficiency measures by the utility company
  • Suggested extension: Initiation of an energy efficiency network by the utility company


Our services

  • Project launch: Selection of members, PR, canvassing of sponsoring partners, preparation of the kick-off meeting
  • Project implementation: Rudiments workshop (approx. 4 hours) and practical workshop (approx. 8 hours) with distribution of a manual and provision of technical assistance to the apprentices
  • Project competitions: Organisation of the competition, supervision as jury members, performance and moderation of the event 
  • Conclusion of the project: Organisation of a closing event, rounded out by a final presentation





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