What we can do for you

Offers for landowners, energy suppliers and investors

You are interested in the further development of you company or your municipality? You would like to contribute to the energy transition and to the protection of the climate at economic conditions? We would be happy to support you by developing, planning, interpreting, tendering and approving concepts and plants that are suitable for you based on your individual structure (seasonal pattern of consumption, availability of land etc). Beyond that, our process engineers, technicians, fitters and businesspeople for the operational activities of technical and commercial management as well as for the maintenance of your technical units are at your disposal for the generation of green energy.

For landowners

Do you have a site and an area suitable for using it in the production of renewable energy? Whether it’s PV, biogas or biomethane. Contact us for the development of a concept that is suitable for you.

e.g. to secure the site

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For investors

Sustainable investments in future-oriented  technologies – offer for investors

ARCANUM develops high-yield and secure investment opportunities for and with you. We are your competent partner, no matter if it is about complete projects or investment concepts. ARCANUM also supports you after the transfer. We remain responsible for securing the predicted income by our offers for commercial and/or technical operational management.

For operators of renewable energy plants

We ensure that your investments pay off in the long term by the use of our know-how. We are at your side along the entire value chain and during the entire life of your plant, no matter if you are planning an energy plant or are already operating one. Our services include, among other things, planning of approvals, tendering, procurement, detailed engineering, planning of the execution as well as construction and project management. Furthermore, we also offer our support in the field of technical and commercial operational management and for the regular maintenance after commissioning.

e.g. cooperation between wind power and biogas

For municipalities

Together with municipalities or municipal companies, we develop business models in the field of renewable energies and offer, for example, joint investment opportunities. The municipal guideline promotes the conception of such projects, e.g. by a focussed consultation or a climate protection concept. Cooperation across regions between municipalities is also promoted. We are opening up these possibilities with our partner Green Navigation.

For industrial businesses

Rising energy costs are burdening both trade and industry. Moreover, many companies are interested in reducing their carbon footprint. In both cases, generating one’s own energy, e.g. on the basis of a photovoltaic system or a CHP plant powered by renewable gases, offers interesting opportunities. We are happy to support you in the construction and planning of plants.

Waste industry and urban water management

  • Waste treatment and waste water treatment are particularly privileged under RED II – especially the conversion of composting plants to biowaste fermentation plants is a reasonable investment in the future
  • There are many opportunities for operators of plants with a fermentation stage to make economic use of the privilege advantage of RED II. A respectively large fleet of vehicles or nearby public transport stations are the perfect complement for this