Intelligent and unique services for biomethane (bio natural gas) from the leading sector company with many year's of market experience and extensive know-how.



As an owner-operated and medium-sized company ARCANUM Energy provides services features independent from plant- and component manufacturers.
Biomethane plant service
ArGe Biomethane 2.0 was put together in 2014 in a concerted effort to face up to the new challenges posed by the amendment of the Renewable Energies Act (EEG).
Working partnership Biomethane 2.0
As an independent, European-based broker for biomethane, we will source and market your biomethane at market-conform terms.
Sourcing & marketing
Unparalleled throughout Germany, our Arcanum Energy biomethane balancing cooperative was set up to pool the biomethane volumes of what are currently over 40 members into one ample aggregate portfolio of presently 1.8 TWh.
Biomethane Balancing Cooperative
The refining of the produced crude biogas to natural gas qualities must take account of demanding energy management-related guidelines and processes. Our service lets you benefit from a professional process management and legally compliant implementation of all regulatory provisions.
Biomethane balancing group management
As a part of our range of services, we will handle the obligatory mass balancing documentation of the biomethane quality assessments, e.g. according to EEG, EEWärmeG, and Biokraft NachVO.
Biomethane mass balancing
Offering an overview of the market, our revised Biomethane Market and Price Report is aimed at stakeholders and prospective customers in the biomethane sector.
Biomethane market & price report
Biomethane constitutes a speciality product in the portfolio of energy suppliers. We are the experts offering our know-how to support you in the management and optimisation of your biomethane product portfolio.
Portfolio management
Here you can access the biomethane market on a 24/7 basis. As a registered member, you can view the latest bids and requests of the other members or place your own bids and requests.
Online trading platform


ARCANUM Energy is an owner-operated, independent group of companies - consisting of two companies. As a service provider, advisor and partner catering in particular to power utility companies, farmers, and communes, we deliver tailor-made strategies and business models in the fields of renewable energies, energy efficiency as well as agriculture with focus on energy, gas and carbon reduction. In the biomethane segment, ARCANUM Energy is Germany’s leading expert in project development, operation, trading, handling, and consulting