Biomethane balancing group management

The refining of the produced crude biogas to natural gas qualities must take account of demanding energy management-related guidelines and processes. Our service lets you benefit from a professional process management and legally compliant implementation of all regulatory provisions.


Your benefits

  • Cost-efficient compliance with all energy management requirements
  • Professional handling of the gas market processes
  • Implementation of the EDIFACT market communication standard in due time and form
  • Be a member of Germany's leading balancing group collaboration in the biomethane segment
  • Minimise your balancing costs and imbalance energy risk
  • Management and optimisation of your biomethane portfolio
  • Draw on informative, biomethane-specific reports
  • Short-term balancing of volumes via our interface with the "Biomethane Spotmarket“
  • Various ways to participate:

    • By default, we will manage the sub-balance sheet accounts for you to let you benefit from our award-winning biomethane balancing group collaboration.
    • Optionally, we will also maintain specific balancing groups outside of the biomethane balancing cooperative.

Our services

  • Professional handling of all processes of the biomethane balancing group management, in particular as provided for by KoV, GABi Gas, GeLi Gas.
  • We implement the EDIFACT market communication in all current formats
  • We provide energy data management and transparent, informative reporting with special regard to the flexibility range
  • We implement net utilisation processes and communicate with network operators
  • Skilled balancing group/portfolio managing experts (m/f) delivering close and customised personal advisory services
  • Transport management and capacity booking based on the primary capacity platform (PCP)
  • Trans-territorial/cross-border transports (MüT)
  • VHP/MüT nominations incl. 24/7 dispatching
  • Portfolio analysis, consulting, and optimisation
  • Modular depth of service taking account of all processes maintained by the customer

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