Biomethane mass balancing

As a part of our range of services, we will handle the obligatory mass balancing documentation of the biomethane quality assessments, e.g. according to EEG, EEWärmeG, and Biokraft NachVO. For this purpose, we'll leverage Arcanum Energy's certified mass balancing system BiMaS, the dena biogas register, and Nabisy. The required certificates will be provided to you in a comfortable and cost-efficient way. At your request, we are now capable of certifying your volumes even down to individual end consumers!


Your benefits

  • Cost-efficient and comfortable provision of services driven by our proprietary mass balancing system - BiMaS
  • Continuous certification of the system and processes by independent assessors
  • Assignment of unused volumes to follow-up periods to allow for flexible portfolio planning
  • Quality certificates can be transferred to other mass balancing systems


Our services

  • We use Arcanum Energy's certified mass balancing system to implement the obligatory mass balancing process pursuant to EEG, EEWärmeG und EWärmeG via BiMaS. Optionally, the dena biogas register can be used, too
  • Certified services for legal security assessment and certification are handled by an independent assessor as part of an annual compliance audit
  • Preparation and delivery of all required certificates down to the end consumer possible 
  • Documentation of all characteristics relevant to remuneration to provide a basis for the remuneration of network operators pursuant to EEG
  • Individual expert consulting service and quality improvement of the application paths
  • Optionally: Handling of the biomethane mass balancing process in the fuel sector pursuant to BioKraft-NachV and/or 36. BimSchV via Nabisy - Nachhaltige Biomasse System (renewable biomass system)

The mass balancing process adds the aspect of biogenic gas quality to the balancing group management. These two services make for a perfect combination in terms of an integrated approach to biomethane portfolio management!

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