Biomethane online trading platform

Here you can access the biomethane market on a 24/7 basis. As a registered member, you can view the latest bids and requests of the other members or place your own bids and requests.


Your benefits

  • Keep track of the biomethane market at all times to stay flexible and capable of acting
  • Short-term transactions of biomethane in various qualities
  • The perfect tool to optimise your portfolio and minimise costs
  • Quick balancing of excess or missing volumes, e.g. compensation of project delays, plant shutdown, inaccurate forecasts etc.
  • More reliable delivery thanks to direct access to the latest bids and requests surrounding biomethane Making for an ideal combination with our forward-market services to allow customised marketing and sourcing of biomethane


Our services

  • We provide access to biomethane volumes around the clock
  • Easy sourcing and marketing of biomethane at a few mouse clicks
  • Access is possible anytime and anywhere using a smartphone or tablet PC
  • Biomethane in all qualities
  • Physical volumes and certificates trading
  • Customised products with definable terms
  • Biomethane flexibility limits trading
  • Up-to-date information and quick market overview including volumes, qualities, and prices
  • Standardised terms, automated handling
  • As an optional service, we'll be glad to place your volumes in the spot market to boost your sourcing and marketing opportunities. Get in touch.




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