Biomethane sourcing & marketing

As an independent, European-based broker for biomethane, we will source and market your biomethane at market-conform terms.


Your benefits

  • Optimised selling and buying opportunities owing to an independent access to the market, optionally as a complement to your own sales activities
  • Direct contractual relationship between supplier and buyer
  • Any contract term is possible
  • Minimise your risk of loss by pooling volumes and accessing volumes available on short call via the "Biomethane Spotmarket“
  • We help you save resources by taking over negotiations up to the point the contract is concluded
  • Optionally, you can access the biomethane market at any time using our online trading platform that lets you purchase biomethane in a comfortable and cost-efficient manner for a range of terms and applications.
  • Profit from our individual customer service and comprehensive know-how of the bio natural gas market.


Our services

  • Independent market access as broker
  • We provide professional personal consulting and customer care up to the point the contract is concluded, and beyond
  • Access to one of the major international networks bringing together producers, traders, and users of biomethane
  • We broker short and medium-term contracts to optimise the opportunity/risk ratio, as well as long-term hedging agreements
  • Sourcing and marketing of all biomethane qualities intended for conversion into electricity (e.g. according to EEG), utilisation in the heat market (e.g. according to EEWärmeG, WärmeG, or as green gas for end customers) or use as fuel (e.g. according to Biokraft-NachV).
  • Sourcing and marketing of physical quantities and certificates
  • We effectuate tendering procedures

Your contact person

Sales department, phone 02303 96 720 50, e-mail