24/7 service operational management

We set great value on economic efficiency, cost optimisation and to the smooth operation of your biogas upgrading plant. Not only the general conditions for profitable biomethane production have become more stringent, but the service landscape for biogas upgrading plants has also changed considerably.

To be able to support you reliably and quickly in these times, we have expanded our service team and our manufacturer-neutral services for your plant.

Technical Support & Operational Monitoring

Faults and downtimes at your plant are kept to a minimum so that long-term safe and economical operation is guaranteed.

We offer:

  • Fault analysis by trained specialists
  • Operation monitoring 24/7
  • Evaluation of performance data, both technical and commercial
  • On-site Troubleshooting

Service & Maintenance

We ensure a raising efficiency of your plant through optimal servicing.

We offer:

  • Inspection, repair, and maintenance of plants with minimum downtimes
  • Visual and functional testing of all safety-relevant components
  • Around the clock available control room for immediate assistance through telephone support and online fault diagnosis 24/7 rapid troubleshooting on site
  • Procurement and replacement of operating materials and consumables
  • Error analysis and troubleshooting in the plant control system
  • Laboratory analysis of gas and detergent qualities

Operational management

Usage of internal data management tool I.D.E.R. (“Intelligent Data Environment Engineering Reporting”) for efficient biomethane production 2.0.

We offer:

  • The operational management of complex overall plants by providing and coordinating qualified personnel
  • Availability of personnel to bridge bottlenecks
  • A technical and commercial reporting system including the creation of individual reports (e.g., key production figures, plant status and malfunctions)
  • Process optimisation
  • Control and execution of all operational work and safety inspections
  • Plant monitoring and process analysis as an early warning system and for the documentation of all necessary data
  • Management and interface coordination with suppliers, customers, service providers, shareholders, and other stakeholders

Spare parts procurement

Your short-term, flexible, and cost-optimised spare parts supply is guaranteed. Use our online enquiry function.

We offer:

  • The procurement of spare parts and operating resources for gas-technical systems.
  • The manufacturer-independent procurement
  • High spare parts availability and efficient spare parts logistics

Technical services

We offer on-site analysis of weak spots in process, mechanical and electrical engineering.

We offer:

  • Reprogramming and changes in existing programming
  • Adjustments and fault analysis in the existing EMSR technology
  • Advice and optimisation in terms of energy and process technology
  • Testing of individual components and complete systems
  • Support and training of the operating staff through remote monitoring and telephone support as well as optimisation of the operational processes
  • Conception and support of optimisation measures incl. planning, approval, parts procurement, installation, and commissioning

Systems & individual components

We offer services for various systems and individual components

Among them are:

  • Biogas plants
  • Biogas upgrading plants
  • Gas transport containers
  • Gas pressure regulating systems
  • Exhaust air treatment plants (RTO/RNV)


Among others for:

  • Blowers
  • Compressors
  • Gas analysis
  • Gas warning systems
  • Activated carbon tanks
  • Pumps
  • EMSR Technology